"A little anger goes a long way"


It was this line, in a song written by Chemical Mojo's vocalist Mark Buckler, that inspired guitarist Ben Bartlett to end his affair with hip hop and return to the dark roots of Birmingham's underground rock scene.


The duo first toured the UK & Europe's rock venues with Rattlesnake Remedy (KKKKK – Kerrang!). After several years of dirty laundry and hangover blues, the band went their separate ways, while Ben and Mark continued making music behind closed doors.


At the end of 2014 Tommy Gaskin and Jordan Sims kicked down those doors. Straight out of local band Jester (Premier League – Emma Scott), this rhythm machine were in high demand on the local scene.


Tommy and Jord walked in on Mark and Ben pleasuring themselves and decided to join in.


Now they do it in public.


Chemical Mojo weave dual vocals through a soundscape of gritty rock grooves and guitar driven instrumentals.

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